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Title of the journal (Hungarian): Agrár- és Környezetjog
Title of the journal (English): Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Law, i.e. JAEL
ISSN print: 1788-6171
DOI prefix: 10.21029/JAEL
Website of the journal:
Periodicity: 2 issues/ year
the journal publishes original articles concerning agricultural alw, environmental law and energy law.
Assessment of articles:
double-blind peer


The JAEL is the peer-reviewed journal of CEDR-Hungarian Agricultural Assosiation, which is published twice a year in electronic form, i.e. available on the Internet. (
The aims of the JAEL are the development of Hungarian jurisprudenceand also the integration of agricultural law, environmental law, energy law and other fields of law in connection with the international scientific life. Accordingly, the JAEL’s Editorial Board believes, that is very important, that the Hungarian authors can publish their studies both in Hungarian and a foreign-language (primarily English, German and French language).
In this way, the JAEL’s Editorial Board believes, that the JAEL contributes the development and survival of Hungarian-language jurisprudence and at the same time makes visible and reachable results of the Hungarian jurisprudence for International memberships. At the same time, with the foreign-speaking authors, the exponents of Hungarian jurisprudence could bring closer the international and European tendencies for the Hungarian legislators.
The JAEL’s primary objective is the publication of original studies in the fields of agricultural law, environmental law, energy law from legal authors and non legal authors, if they are met the requirements of JAEL. Beyond the publication of scientific studies, sometimes the authors can publish other scientific works separately in the JAEL (for examples book reviews, summaries of the conclusions of conferences, etc.). In the context of these studies, the peer-review aspects are practised implicitly.
In the JAEL, there is opportunity of the publication of a special issue (for example issue of a conference or students), where the peer-review aspects are practised only partly.
The detailed publication rules of the JAEL are available HERE.